Industries Served

Coffee roasters

The coffee sector, like the beer sector, is undergoing an evolution towards small companies that pro...


Food processing

Heating systems are crucial for food processing to maintain product temperatures and disinfection an...



We create innovative solutions for the paper, flexible packaging industry that include resin piping,...


Precast concrete

In precast concrete industry the higher the curing temperature, the faster the desired concrete stre...


Commercial buildings – Hotel, Hospitals & Amusement parks

In commercial buildings hot water systems require expertise for design and selection of right, high...


Data Center

The explosive growth of data traffic worldwide requires the construction of more and more data cente...



Lube oil, grease blending as a byproduct of petroleum is an industry with heating required.


Our Solutions

Domestic hot water system

Hot water systems are an essential part of a building, be it hospitals, hotels,...


Solar Photovoltaic systems

​​​​​​​The power of the sun is 170 MILLION BILLION watts. This surplus free ener...


LED lighting

Going green with LED lighting is just not a trend or a mission statement but, a...


Industrial heating and cooling solutions

Heating and cooling solutions catering to various industries from dairy, pharma,...


Hydronic valves and press piping

​​​​​​Hydronic valves are an integral part hot water, cold water pipe networks


Commercial & industrial burners

​​​​​​​Burners are heart of any heating application and industry. Burners serve...


We are Value Addition - Your sustainable energy solutions partner

Value Addition specializes in system conceptual design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Having established in the year 1997 in India and Dubai, UAE, we are one of the experienced leading solutions providers to industries, hospitality, hospitals, residences, institutions, malls, leisure etc.

Years at the forefront of Sustainable Solutions
MW Net Renewable Energy installed
Projects successfully executed
500+ MW of heating power installed

Projects Expertise

We are one of the leading sustainable energy solutions providers with automation and custom-built systems.

For Value Addition each project is unique.

With high level of engineering knowledge, coupled with rich experience, we provide optimized and versatile solutions to wide range of industries and applications.

Value Addition has undertaken 800+ turn-key projects under various sectors. We have 500+ MW of heating power and 36 MWp of solar PV installed across the middle east. The nitty gritty part of the design is meticulously done by our team of young and dynamic engineers. Safety, reliability and efficiency of the system ant the system cost are the focal points of our designers.

We help you achieve your sustainability targets

Solar PV - Sustainable heating solutions - Energy saving LED lights

We are with you throughout the life cycle of your product

Engineering - Supply - Installation - Commissioning - Maintenance

Versatility with retrofits

Energy Audits - Feasibility study - ROI commitment

Rich expertise in your industrial requirements

Boilers - Chillers - Thermic oil heaters

We understand nuances in your systems

Hydronic valves - Press piping - Modular chimney - Burners

Our Clients

Our Testimonials

"We appreciate the excellent service provided by Value Addition (FZC) and Thermax Ltd team for conducting the energy audit as well as implementation"

Seville Products (IFFCO)

"We have been very happy with the back up service of your organization right through order finalization, planning the layout etc, and erection commissioning of the equipment. As you are aware we have made provisions for one more Thermic fluid heater and in the further look forward to dealing with you once again.”

Arabian packaging

“We would like to extend our best compliments & congratulations to the entire team of Value Addition who made this successful and look forward for future associations” “supplied, installed and commissioned successfully by Value Addition team with a phased changeover from the existing system to ensure there was zero downtown experienced by hotel guests.”

WME global

"Achieving Zero Recordable Incident Throughout Projects in 2021”

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