Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services


Boilers are an essential component of industrial operations, used as a source of process heating and to improve the operation of an enterprise by generating power. Its demand is rising with the market expected to reach USD 19.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.7. An industrial boiler’s efficient operation and maintenance is complex and requires specialised attention. Solution providers such as Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions

(TBWES) takes a holistic approach to improve operations and maintenance, providing expert boiler repair and services.

A proper action plan is recommended to reduce asset downtime and increase production efficiency. Through engineered solutions, plant operations can be optimised to deliver intended performance. Proactive visits and customer interaction to provide preventive maintenance schedules help to minimise costly breakdowns and production loss.

Long-Term Benefits of Industrial Boiler Repair and Service

Regular boiler repair and maintenance will have added benefits like:

  • ● Having an authorised expert from an established boiler repair and maintenance company evaluate your equipment, you may avoid fires, explosions, and hot flue gas leaks from the boiler.


  • ● Annual or semi-annual boiler maintenance through a good boiler repair and maintenance company can help keep your boiler functioning effectively for longer periods. An expert can prevent a boiler from generating excessive waste, lowering your carbon footprint, and reducing your energy bills.

  • ● Furthermore, frequent boiler maintenance keeps your system running well for a longer period. This means you are less likely to have to pay for future boiler repairs.

  • ● Continued operation of a unit with defects may lead to a hefty repair bill or an expensive boiler replacement service. You can avoid that with regular boiler repair and maintenance.


You can save a lot of money on repairs if you get your boiler serviced regularly to ensure that it is running properly. Regular boiler maintenance reduces repair costs by detecting issues early before they become costly. Unrepaired problems might create substantial damage or malfunctions that will cost a lot more money in the long run.

Few other benefits of boiler repair service include:

● While servicing your boiler, specialists run a variety of safety tests. These inspections must take place regularly since they can eventually save lives.

● When boilers are maintained regularly, they are less prone to break down, function more effectively, and are therefore considered safer. Regular boiler servicing will lower your energy expenses and extend the life of the boiler and its key components.

● Switching to an efficient thermostat, adjusting your building controls, or adjusting your boiler setpoint are other ways to minimise your expenditures. These techniques will save the amount of energy your present boiler uses by up to 40%.

● When you have your boiler serviced as per the plant maintenance schedule, your expert from the boiler repair and maintenance company will be able to discover any problems and treat them before they cause serious harm. Any problems you experience, no matter how little, will only worsen as time passes and the environment begins to degrade your equipment.

Therefore, for such an important task, you should only rely on experts like Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions – who know all about boiler repair and service.


Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions (TBWES) is an engineering company that specialises in heating, cooling, water and waste management, as well as specialty chemicals. In addition, the business develops, builds, and commissions large steam and power production boilers, turnkey power plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities, waste heat recovery systems, and air pollution control projects.

TBWES’ technologies, products, and services assist the industry in increasing resource productivity and improving bottom lines while preserving a cleaner environment. TBWES has been one of the pioneers in building innovative solutions for complex problems of industries.

TBWES Services division offers a one-stop-shop for all types and brands of boilers, fired heaters as well as boiler repair and maintenance services in India. These solutions are increasing process efficiency in a wide range of sectors, including power utilities, petrochemicals, refineries, fertilisers, steel, cement, sugar, and paper, to name a few.

TBWES offers services such as integrity assessment, plant equipment evaluation, and reliability-based maintenance (RBM). Thermax Global provides complete boiler safety and inspection health checks through Condition Assessment (CA) and Remaining Life Analysis (RLA) in addition to determining boiler fitness for continuous operation and boiler repair service.


Here is what TBWES has to help you with your boiler repair and service:

● Provides one stop solution for all boilers and heaters.

● Engineering and feasibility studies, annual service and maintenance contracts, spares, condition assessment and remaining life assessment studies, O&M services, and other projects are undertaken.

● Has production capabilities in Pune, Baroda, and Shirwal, as well as the port facilities at Mundra SEZ.

● A dedicated service and construction management team committed to providing comprehensive solutions at the site.